Voice Of The Trumpet Multimedia And Management (V.O.T.T.M&M)

Voice of the Trumpet was founded as a radio broadcast hosted by Dr. A. Louise Bonaparte.

Dr. Bonaparte has travelled extensively overseas not only Preaching, Teaching, and Lecturing but as an International Gospel Promoter.

Dr. Bonaparte has taken American Gospel and Christian Artist to perform throughout the World; as well as exposing International Artist to perform in the United States of America.

In previous years Dr. Bonaparte ran a Gospel booking agency consisting of Quartet, Soloist and Choirs. Today the genre of Gospel Music has expanded thus leading to the expansion of dealing with a vast amount of Artist; including Praise Dancers, Mimes, Gospel Jazz, Hip Hop and Rap; In addition to Instrumental, Spoken word and other forms of Expression of Gospel Music.

V.O.T.T.- M&M is not only a Gospel booking agency but an International Speakers Bureau; including the booking for Dr. Bonaparte and her mother Arch bishop E.W. Crawley- Bonaparte.

Voice of the Trumpet Multi Media and Management is also home of a RADIO AND Television Production Company; V.O.T.T Record Label and V.O.T.T. Book Publications.