Jabez Global Enterprise

Jabez Global Enterprise, with its deep historical roots dating back to 1930 know as HW Holdings, stands as a testament to the remarkable vision and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, the late Reverend Dr. Amanda H. Williams. This monumental business venture came into existence in 1930, however it expanded under the current CEO, but its essence was birthed in the bustling neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, when Reverend Amanda opened her inaugural enterprise—a fruit and vegetable store on Broadway.

Reverend Amanda was not merely a businesswoman; she was a multifaceted force of nature—a Health Professional, Chef, Seamstress, and Beautician. Her diverse skills enabled her to branch out into various ventures, and by the 1940s, she had expanded her empire to include over a dozen businesses, as well as substantial land and property holdings across New York and New Jersey. Before the dawn of the 1940s, she had already achieved the status of a Multimillionaire. Her financial success made her one of the pioneering persons of color and women to own a mansion in the prestigious Westchester County, New York. Yet despite her considerable wealth, Reverend Amanda remained grounded in humility, maintaining a low profile and continuing to live in the community she cherished in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Today, Jabez Global Enterprise stands as a colossal Multi-Billion Dollar conglomerate, encompassing more than 300 businesses that span a diverse range of industries. The company’s reach extends into the realms of Oil, Lumber, Pharmaceuticals, Fast Food Restaurants, Agriculture, Electric and Gas Supply, Fashion and Design, and Health and Beauty Products, among others. The enterprise’s recent ventures include launching a National Chain of Home Care Agencies and Health Care Facilities, a Communications Company, and further expansion into Real Estate.

With a robust workforce exceeding hundreds of thousands employees, Jabez Global Enterprise’s operational footprint is truly global, with a presence across continents in North America, South America, Central America, several countries in Africa, Europe (including England, Wales, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, and France), the Middle East (Israel), Asia (India, China, Japan, Korea), South America (Brazil), Oceania (Australia), North America (Canada), and numerous Caribbean islands.

The legacy of Reverend Dr. Amanda H. Williams is proudly upheld through the leadership of her daughter, Her Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Dr. Eloisa Bonaparte, who serves as the Chair of the Board, and her granddaughter, Her Grace The Most Reverend Dr. A. Louise Bonaparte, who stands at the helm as the CEO. Together, they continue to steer Jabez Global Enterprise toward a future that honors its rich history while embracing innovation and growth.