Rev. Dr. A. L. Bonaparte – a dynamic and captivating speaker who is in high demand across the globe. With expertise spanning a wide range of topics including Religion, Spirituality, Life and Wellness, and Business, Dr. Bonaparte brings a unique blend of wisdom, inspiration, and insight to every audience she addresses.

Renowned for her exceptional teaching abilities and anointed preaching style, Dr. Bonaparte is not just a speaker, but a transformative force who leaves a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of hearing her. Whether she is addressing a small group of ten or a massive audience of ten thousand, her message resonates deeply and powerfully with all who listen.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Dr. Bonaparte serves as a trusted Spiritual Advisor to the Rich and Famous, bringing her wealth of experience and spiritual guidance to those in need. Her influence extends to the highest echelons of society, where she is frequently called upon to be the keynote speaker at Billionaire, Millionaire, and CEO summits.



Please note: We kindly request that you contact us 2-6 months in advance of the event date to secure Dr. Bonaparte’s participation. Thank you for considering Dr. Bonaparte for your event.