Temple Of The Good
Shepherd Ministries Worldwide

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The Visionary:

Archbishop Dr. Eloisa CW Bonaparte, renowned as the Founder, Presiding Prelate, and Chief Apostle of Temple of the Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide INC., stands as a monumental figure in the religious community. Her roots are deeply entrenched in spirituality, having been nurtured in the faith at the Little Zion Baptist Church in Brooklyn, where her father, the late Dr. (Bishop) BG Crawley served as a passionate leader and her mother, the late Reverend Amanda, exemplified a multifaceted ministry.

With an unyielding commitment to her vocation, Dr. Bonaparte has devoted over seven decades to ministry, pioneering paths for women in religious leadership roles. Her journey has seen her traverse the globe, spearheading crusades and establishing churches, all while upholding her legacy as a preachers kid (PK) and a 6th generation gospel proclaimer. Her life experience is further enriched by her tenure as the first lady of a church, a title she assumed through her marriage to a Bishop.

Her Eminence’s dedication to service extends beyond the ecclesiastical sphere into the patriotic realm, having served with distinction as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Airforce. Her intellectual prowess is equally laudable, reflected in her successful career within the New York City School System, culminating in a deanship at a university.

Archbishop Bonaparte’s spiritual anointing is multifaceted, encompassing roles such as an anointed Apostle, a prophetic intercessor, an electrifying Evangelist, a compassionate Pastor, a compelling Teacher, and an inspiring Preacher, earning her the title of a ‘Preacher’s Preacher’. She is revered as a Mother in Zion and a stalwart Prayer Warrior, advocating for Holiness and imparting divine wisdom.

Her global ministry has reached over 200 countries, where she has offered counsel to dignitaries including Kings, Queens, Heads of State, and Prime Ministers. Her influence radiates beyond the religious community, touching the lives of public figures and celebrities, many of whom consider her a Godmother.

Beyond her public ministry, Archbishop Bonaparte has been a vocal advocate for victims of domestic violence, drawing from her own harrowing experiences to champion the cause of those affected. Her survivor’s testimony serves as a powerful beacon of hope for countless individuals.

Archbishop Dr. Bonaparte’s dynamic preaching, eloquent speaking, extraordinary singing, and the undeniable grace she carries, illuminate every space she occupies. As a matriarch, she cherishes her role as a mother of five, grandmother, and great-grandmother, embodying the virtues of family and faith.

In essence, Archbishop Dr. Eloisa CW Bonaparte is an indomitable spiritual leader whose life’s work and personal triumphs continue to inspire and shape the landscape of modern ministry.

The Vision

The Organization set up is as follows:

The Temple of the Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide is a global Christian organization that is structured in a hierarchical manner, with a strong emphasis on leadership, education, and charitable work. Here’s an explanation of the key elements of the ministry, designed to help you understand its structure and operations:

Leadership Hierarchy

At the top of the hierarchy is the Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle Dr. Eloisa CW Bonaparte. As the visionary leader, Dr. Bonaparte sets the spiritual and organizational direction for the ministry.

Right next to the visionary is The Right Reverend Dr. A Louise Bonaparte, who serves as the 2nd Presiding Prelate. This position indicates a significant role in supporting the chief and ensuring the continuation of the ministry’s vision.

The governance of the ministry includes a Board and a College of Bishops. There are 7 Presiding Bishops in total, each representing one of the continents. This global representation underscores the ministry’s worldwide presence.

Bishops are expected to participate in quarterly courses to maintain their title within the organization, ensuring they remain updated on theological and practical aspects of their role.

Charitable Works and Missions

One of the core highlights of the ministry is its commitment to building and planting missions across the globe. The ministry’s missions are tailored to the needs of the communities they serve.

These missions include the establishment of hospitals, clinics, schools, water wells, shelters, and pantries, demonstrating a commitment to addressing both spiritual and physical needs.

Organizational Structure

The ministry is organized into Regions, Jurisdictions, and Districts. This geographical breakdown allows the ministry to effectively manage its global presence.

There is a clear path for those who aspire to hold office within the ministry. After intense study and observation, potential candidates can be ordained as Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Prophets, Evangelists, and Ministers.

The organization has established churches worldwide, all of which include “Temple of The Good Shepherd” in their name, denoting their affiliation with the ministry.

The ministry welcomes congregations from various denominations to come under its spiritual covering, reflecting its inclusive approach.

It maintains connections with ministers of various faiths in over 200 countries, fostering a broad religious alliance.

The mission and work of the Temple of the Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide resonate with the biblical verse John 10:10, which states, “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep”. This scripture underpins the ministry's dedication to serving and protecting its followers, much like a shepherd caring for his flock. Through its hierarchical leadership, structured organization, and global outreach, the ministry strives to embody the love and sacrifice of the good shepherd.