Temple Of The Good Shepherd Ministries Worldwide

The Visionary:

Arch Bishop Dr. Eloisa CW Bonaparte is the Founder, Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle of the Temple of the Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide INC.

Dr. Eloisa was raised in the Little Zion Baptist Church of Brooklyn, New York; under a powerful and dynamic Pastor who was her father the late Dr. (Bishop) BG Crawley. She was also blessed to have an Anointed mother the late Reverend Amanda, who operated in a fivefold Ministry.

Dr. Eloisa Bonaparte is fully capable and well equipped for ministry, having been in the ministry for over 70 years. Archbishop is a trailblazer for women in Ministry. While some were finding their voice and others were not born, she was traveling the world preaching in crusades and planting churches. She is a preachers kid (PK), and a 6th generation proclaimer of the Gospel. To add to her ministry credentials, she is the widow of a Bishop holding the title of 1st Lady of a church.

Presiding Prelate Bonaparte is a proud Veteran who served in the United States Airforce as a chief Master Sergeant. Arch Bishop is extremely intelligent and is an educator that taught in the New York City School System for many years and went on to retire as a university dean.

Her Eminence is blessed with a fivefold Anointing and is: an Appointed and Anointed Apostle; Praying Prophetess; Electrifying Evangelist; Powerful Pastor; Tantalizing Teacher and the Preacher’s Preacher. She is a Mother in Zion, a Prayer Warrior who stands for Holiness; she is a True Woman of God full of Heavenly Wisdom.

Presiding Prelate Bonaparte has ministered in 200 Countries around the Globe and has advised Kings, Queens, Heads of State as well as Prime Ministers. She is a role model to many and is the Godmother to many public figures and celebrities.

Chief Apostle Bonaparte suffered and experienced domestic violence, physical, verbal and emotional abuse from her husband. She was subjected to being called all kinds of derogatory names, was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, had black eyes, kicked in the stomach while she was pregnant, knocked down staircases, and had many broken bones; BUT God delivered her. Today she is an advocate and spokesperson for Domestic Violence victims around the world.

Arch Bishop Dr. Bonaparte is a gigantic force to be reckoned with, she is a Dynamic Preacher, an Eloquent Speaker, an Extraordinary Singer and her Beauty, Poise and Grace illuminates any room.

She is a mother of 5 adult children and a wonderful grandmother and great-grandmother.

The Vision

The year was 1975, when God (whispered) in the ears of Eloisa CW Bonaparte on her knees in prayer. The Holy Spirit filled the room with a mighty wind and God Spoke to her saying … ” I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD- DEDICATE A TEMPLE IN MY NAME”! That night gave birth to a vision of a New Ministry the Temple of The Good Shepherd aka Temple Ministries.

As a young Evangelist Eloisa travelled across America and the World Preaching and Teaching the Gospel. Everywhere she went people wanted more of God and desired for her to plant missions and churches.

The first fifteen years of the Ministry was a Missions and Crusade Ministry; by 1990, Branch Churches and Clergy Alliances were formed World Wide; Thus leading the Ministry to add on the words “World Wide” to its name (Temple of The Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide).

Today the organization has 3,000 connections of Branch Churches, Assemblies and Missions; in addition to thousands of Clergy Alliances World Wide under the Ministry covering.

The Organization set up is as follows:

• The Visionary- Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle Dr. Eloisa CW Bonaparte, next in command is The Right Reverend Dr. A Louise Bonaparte who is 2nd Presiding Prelate.
• The Board and College of Bishops: There are 7 Presiding Bishops, one representing each Continent of the Globe. During the year on a quarterly basis, there are courses taken to keep the Bishopric title in the organization. In the USA there is a presiding Bishop in every state where the ministry is located.
• Locations and Clergy: The Break down is in Regions, Jurisdictions, and Districts
• Ranks: Potential candidates are able to become ordained after intense study and observation; in the offices of- Bishop- Pastor- Elder- Prophet(s) -,Evangelist and Minister. The organization also licenses Missionaries to assist in ministry worldwide.
• Branch Churches: Churches located World Wide with the name Temple of The Good Shepherd included in the name of the organization.
• Assemblies: Congregations of various Denominations join in and come under the covering of the ministry.
• Clergy Alliance: Connections to Ministers of Various Faiths in over 200 Countries.
• Missions: The ministry is indeed World Wide and one of the highlights is Building and Planting Missions. Missions consist of Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Water Wells, Shelters, Pantries or whatever a particular community is in need of; the ministry provides.

The Temple of the Good Shepherd Ministries World Wide exemplifies John 10:10 “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep”.