Family Legacy

Welcome to Dr. Bonaparte’s illustrious family legacy gallery, where history and inspiration converge in a lineage of remarkable trailblazers. As you peruse this collection, you will discover the extraordinary individuals whose lives and legacies are interwoven into the fabric of Dr. Bonaparte’s heritage, each one a beacon of pioneering spirit and unwavering faith.

Rev. George Liele: The Foundation of Faith
The journey begins with Dr. Bonaparte’s great-great-great-grandfather, Rev. George Liele. Revered as the first ordained African American preacher in the United States, Rev. Liele’s spirit of service blazed a trail as he became the pioneer of American missions. His legacy is a testament to the power of conviction and the far-reaching impact of Faith spreading a message of Hope.

Rev. Amanda Berry Smith: A Global Crusader
The gallery’s narrative continues with Dr. Bonaparte’s great-grandmother, Rev. Amanda Berry Smith. Her indomitable courage and eloquence broke barriers, making her the first African American woman to lead crusades around the world. A trailblazer for women in ministry, her faith knew no bounds, and her influence shaped the course of religious history.

Dr. Susan McKinney Steward: A Medical Pioneer
Dr. Susan McKinney Steward, Dr. Bonaparte’s great-aunt, shattered ceilings with her intellect and dedication. As the first African American woman to practice medicine in New York State and the third in the USA, her achievements in the field of medicine are a beacon for those who follow in her footsteps.

Dr. BG Crawley: A Pillar of the Community
Dr. Bonaparte’s maternal grandfather, the late Dr. BG Crawley, was a man of many talents and profound impact. As the founder of Little Zion Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, his roles as a preacher, scholar, professor, and New York State judge reflect a life dedicated to service, education, and justice.

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Rev. Mother Amanda H. Williams-Crawley: A Visionary Leader
The legacy of faith and fortitude is exemplified by Dr. Bonaparte’s maternal grandmother, the late Rev. Mother Amanda H. Williams-Crawley. A preacher, prophet, healer, and global entrepreneur, she rose to prominence and prosperity, becoming a multimillionaire in the 1930s. Her life was a testament to the power of vision and the embodiment of divine calling.

Dr. Eloisa Crawley-Bonaparte: A Modern-Day Pathfinder
Culminating this extraordinary lineage is Dr. Bonaparte’s mother, Her Eminence Dr. Eloisa Crawley-Bonaparte. A trailblazer in her own right, she is the first female African American in the United States to be consecrated as an Archbishop in the Protestant faith. Her service as a Vietnam War hero and educator adds to the profound legacy she carries on.

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We invite you to explore this gallery not merely as a historical exhibit but as an ongoing narrative of courage, leadership, and unwavering commitment to serving others. Dr. Bonaparte, standing on the shoulders of these giants, continues to shape the world with the same strength and dedication that runs through her bloodline.

May you leave this gallery inspired, knowing that the legacy of the Bonaparte family is not confined to the past but is a living, breathing force for change in our world today.