Gospel Promotion

Dr. Bonaparte has been a gospel promoter since the early 1990’s, starting out with giving local concerts in Brooklyn, New York. Today God has blessed her to expand to promoting Gospel music on an International level.

She has worked with several well-known Soloists, Groups, Choirs, Musicians and Preachers. Over the past few years, she has extended an invitation to up-and-coming artists to travel nationally and internationally.

She has taken her artists around North America and Overseas to perform in front of crowds of up to 70,000 people. The artists have performed for the late President Nelson Mandela, kings, Queens, Celebrity Gala’s and fundraisers. Performance varies from Stadiums, Conferences, Theaters, Churches and Crusades.

Dr. Bonaparte has taken the artist to over 50 countries including France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, as well as to Asia, Africa, Australia and The Caribbean.

Dr. Bonaparte also works with International artists and brings them to perform before a North American Audience for exposure.

If you are interested in travel please contact us today!

PLEASE NOTE: All expenses are paid by the promoter including travel, hotel, local transportation, food in addition to the artist receiving pay for their performance.

• Requirements Include:

• A Full Recent Physical Examination (done by your health practitioner)

• Mandatory Vaccinations for International Travel

• Up to date Passport / Visa (if not a USA citizen)

• Being able to adapt to different cultures and customs

• Being Prompt (You must be on time to board the plane and ready to travel to the venue on time at the destination of performance.

• Good Attitude and upbeat personality

• NO Drugs or Alcohol use allowed on Trips

• Willing to participate in group prayer before a performance.

If you are serious about expanding your God-given talent send a promo Package Including:

• Up to date contact Information- CD- BIO- PHOTO.

Mail To: A.L. Bonaparte Ministries- c/o Voice of the Trumpet Multimedia & Management -One Penn Plaza Suite 6282, New York, New York 10119