Gospel Promotion

If you’re a gospel artist looking to elevate your career and spread the joy of gospel music across the globe, Dr. Bonaparte’s ministry might be the perfect platform for you. With decades of experience since the early 1990s, Dr. Bonaparte has been instrumental in promoting gospel music far beyond her Brooklyn roots, reaching an international audience.

Under her guidance, artists have had the opportunity to showcase their talents to massive audiences, including prestigious figures like the late President Nelson Mandela, and at events ranging from stadium concerts to intimate church gatherings. The ministry’s reach spans over 50 countries, including cultural hubs in Europe, vibrant communities in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, as well as the distant shores of Australia.

Dr. Bonaparte not only promotes local talent abroad but also brings international artists to North American stages, offering a rich cultural exchange and broad exposure.

Here’s the opportunity: all travel-related expenses are covered. This includes your flight, hotel stay, ground transport, meals, and you will also be compensated for your performances. However, this incredible opportunity comes with certain prerequisites:

1. A recent full physical examination from your healthcare provider.
2. All necessary vaccinations for international travel.
3. A current passport and, if you’re not a U.S. citizen, the appropriate visa.
4. Cultural adaptability and respect for the customs of the host countries.
5. Punctuality for all travel and performance schedules.
6. A positive, upbeat personality with a professional demeanor.
7. A commitment to a drug- and alcohol-free environment during trips.
8. A willingness to join in group prayer prior to performances.

If you believe you have what it takes and you’re committed to sharing your divine gifts on a grander scale, we invite you to submit a promotional package for consideration. This should include:

– Your most recent contact information,
– A CD of your music,
– A biography detailing your musical journey,
– A professional photo of yourself.

Send your promotional package to:

A.L. Bonaparte Ministries
C/O Voice of the Trumpet Multimedia & Management
442 5th Ave #2358 New York, New York 10018

This is a call to passionate gospel artists ready to take the next step in their ministry. If you’re serious about your calling and ready to inspire on an international stage, reach out to Dr. Bonaparte’s ministry today.